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Coaches—We Couldn’t Do it without YOU!

This season has started with an incredibly wet Spring. We haven’t yet been able to practice on any of the in-fields, the grass is mostly a mushy mess and to top it off, it continues to be in the forties on most days.

Still, you will see kids and coaches playing the sport we love so much between raindrops, when the sun comes out for a couple of hours. Gotta love those resilient coaches who get the kids out on the field despite the weather.

As the Commissioner, one of the hardest jobs is finding coaches to volunteer to lead a team and teach these kids the sport of baseball and softball. I send emails, texts, make calls and when I’m with parents, I look them in the eye and ask “will you coach?” Ninety-nine percent of the time, the answer is no. But of those few who say yes, I am so grateful to have them be a part of the BBAA coach family because I know how hard it is to be a coach.

Here is just a little snapshot of what they do:

  • They have to learn how to manage practices effectively

  • They have to make their text message list to communicate with parents, which will change five times, by the way.

  • They have to get acclimated with the rules

  • They have to learn about the buildings, boxes, keys, bathroom rules, fill out BBAA forms, attend certification training, and get a background check

  • They lug around equipment

  • They set up practices

  • They spend time with all the great kids on their team

  • They deal with the awesome and sometimes, not so awesome, parents

  • They chalk the fields, make line-ups and manage dozens of decisions on game days

  • They bolster kid’s self-esteem hopefully producing budding athletes who love the game

Not everyone is proficient at coaching their first time and let’s face it, every coach makes some mistakes, but just stepping up and volunteering to coach is special. So thank you to the 2022 BBAA coaches, Jose, Heather, Bryan, Al, Julian, Lester, Juan, Carlos, Rich, Nancy and Matt, as well as all their assistants.

We couldn’t do this without you!

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