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In House Part Time Travel

Baseball & Softball

The BBAA would like to introduce the option of part time travel, through the Chicago Baseball League(Sunday Ball), for the 2020  Season. The Chicagoland Sunday Baseball (CSB) started in 2004 when a few towns on the South side of Chicago came together to find a way to keep the better players in the house leagues. The solution was simple, allow the kids to play in their house league and then play a part-time travel season on Sundays when the fields were empty, all for a fraction of the cost of full-time travel baseball. One of the biggest complaints I have heard from coaches and parents, over the years, is "We do not start All Stars early enough". This will allow us the opportunity to be prepared, once All Star Season begins. Numerous surrounding areas already play in this league, Melrose Park, Elmhurst, Villa Park, etc. The league is very casual, playing 10 games on Sunday's throughout the season. 5 games will be held at Home and 5 Away games. Away locations will be determined in April, based on the teams that have registered. Please feel free to check out their website at  Chicago Baseball League

Common League  Questions

What is Sunday baseball? 

It is a baseball league that was created to provide house players an opportunity to play 10 extra games against other towns during the baseball season. Many of the players in the league will become all-star players in July representing their house league in tournaments.


Is the Sunday league a full-time travel league?

 No, Chicagoland Sunday baseball is only for house league players only. Full-time travel teams are not allowed into the league. 


When does the season start and end?

The 2019 season starts the weekend of April 14th and ends the weekend of June 23rd ( we go one extra week in 2019 because Easter is April 21st) . This allows all players to participate in their in-house tournament games.


How are the games scheduled?

Chicagoland Sunday baseball will organize all the teams into multiple divisions and regions. 


What is the cost?

The home teams coordinates and pays for the umpires. Excluding your uniform, the cost per player (registration fee, game balls  and umpires) is approx. $50. It is a great deal to play some extra baseball. Uniform decisions will made at a future date, with coaches.


What do teams do for uniforms?

Many leagues use their July travel uniforms in order to keep the costs affordable. Other leagues use a t-shirt with their town’s name on it and their league’s hats. You can spend around $30 on your team’s uniform if you want to keep it simple.


Are their standings?

We do not keep standings, however we will publish the game results on our web page. The objective of the league is to continue to develop the house league players.  

BBAA Specific Questions

How are players chosen?

Tryouts will be held early March. Dates and Times will be announced at a later date, based on numbers. Criteria will be based on tryouts/evaluations, coach's recommendation and reputation of player.


Can I still make All Stars, if I choose not to play Sunday ball?

Absolutely! All Star tryouts will still be held as usual. Just because you made the travel team, does not mean you are automatically on All Stars.


Where will games be held?

5 Games will be held at Home and 5 Away games. Scheduling takes  place April 7th.


How much is it?

Depends on how many players are chosen for your team. Cost per team is $150.00 to Chicagoland Baseball and the remaining goes towards umpires and game balls.

You can expect the average to be around $50.00 per player (excluding uniforms).


Do we order uniforms?

Uniforms will be at the discretion of the coach and discussed prior to season start. 


How many practices?

Practices will be at the discretion of your coach. TOP Priority, is your in house season team. Your regular season will take precedent over part time travel.



CSB does offer a Memorial Day Tournament. The coach will make the decision based on player/parent input. 

How do I register for tryouts?

Fill out the form below to express interest in tryouts. The form should be completed as soon as possible. DEADLINE to register for tryouts is Feb 24th.

Will you have a team at every level?

Teams will be formed based on regisration numbers. There is a chance, some levels will not have a team.

I am age eligible to play down for All Stars, can I do that in Sunday Ball?

YES!  Since many organizations have adopted the Little League Baseball age determination date of April 30th, each team will be allowed to roster up to 5 players who qualify using the April 30th date for All Stars. For example, a 14U team will be allowed a maximum of five players who turn 15 prior to July 31st but qualify as 14 year olds using the April 30th date.

If you qualify to play down for All Stars, you are highly recommended to do so. 

The CSB has an age chart on their site.

Who do I contact for more info?

Please contact Bob Urena, the BBAA Baseball/Softball Commissioner. or

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